Online Advertising
Google, Facebook
PLA, Youtube

Google Adwords – PPC
Our in-house algorithms and tools will ensure best results with Google Adwords to get high quality traffic at optimized ROI.

Facebook Ads
Target users based on demographics, interests and behavior. Re-market to website visitors with rich targeted messaging.

LinkedIn Ads
Advertise to specific verticals and job functions with Linkedin ads. Ideal for client acquistion for B2B scenarios.

Mobile App Engagement
Promote your mobile app – drive downloads at low cost using Adwords, Facebook Ads and specialized mobile ad networks.

Shopping Campaign – PLA
Use Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to drive online sales. Multi-channel e-commerce campaigns with funnel optimization.

YouTube Ads
Promote your products and services using YouTube. Get your message out to a wide audience at effective cost.

Search Engine Marketing (SEO / SEM)

Our strategy is simple and transparent. We meet you and assess your SEO/SEM goals and timeline expectations. We plan a campaign in detail, review your analytics and your competitors, assess your keyword potential and compile a database of link opportunities.

First, we sort your on-page optimization, removing all barriers to search engine spiders. Then we provide you with a monthly package that includes high quality articles and content, info-graphics for link-baiting, social back linking, natural link building and social media management for SEO impact. We believe that oversight is the key to a successful relationship – we provide detailed monthly reports and hold regular status meetings. For our SEM clients we define objectives, budget set up and ongoing optimization.

Social Media Optimization

Social media forms a major part of our overall strategy, and we use a variety of social strategies to support our campaigns.

Good social media marketing is all about reaching your community and igniting conversation. Your customers should be able to share, engage, add content, converse and give ratings and recommendations of your content, services and products.

We advise clients on their social media and implement technical steps to guarantee maximum social media impact.

We create games and on-line promos that are devastatingly compulsive, grab attention and are highly engaging.

Marketing &

We can manage your email marketing campaigns and streamline the process so sending is easy, secure and personalized. Our design team create an email template (that works on all browsers) to complement your branding so your customers will know it’s your newsletter.

We’ll work with you to create content, or tweak existing content, to engage your readers. And, of course, we’ll craft the right subject lines to keep it out of spam folders and test it to ensure it works well with a range of email clients.

If you want to manage the sending and segmentation we can help you with that too with our email marketing automation platforms.

Content Creation &

The importance of online video has never been greater. Google algorithm updates increasingly reward pages with features such as social media integration, social bookmarking and integral video. Online video is a way to capture your audience and distinguish your brand. Spitfire creates a range of online and branded video.

We work closely with our clients to deliver exceptional quality video that matches their goals. Our web video production increases customer engagement, helps to educate your customers about your brands, communicates your business identity, lowers bounce rates, and increases conversions.

Web video production is a fantastic way to reach out for your target audience and fully engage them. Smart companies are using video production in the race to capture visitor attention. We help to communicate a bold, upfront message to your clients with high impact video.


We gather information about current market trends, competitor movements, target demographics, and consumer spending habits so we can find the best ways to increase your brand’s performance.

The knowledge gathered from research allows us to develop insights into the most effective marketing methods for your company. We work with your business to create successful marketing campaigns that meet the needs of your customers and deliver the ROI you expect.